Hide a Key from the Unintentional Key Thief

It doesn’t happen often but I have on more than one occasion found myself parked because someone, aka my sweet husband Ryan, has taken off with all the car keys. In fairness I’ve done the same to him several times. Unfortunately, today happens to be one of those times, the key thief has struck again!

Portland's weather report for Monday

Portland’s weather report for Monday

So I got up this morning, had some coffee and just as I’m all caffeinated and ready to tackle the day I head for the door and… no keys anywhere! I’ve scoured coat pockets (yep it’s still cold enough in Oregon to wear a coat :( ), checked pants pockets and turned my messy purse inside out, still no luck. Nada, zilch… nothing.

On the bright side,  being a Friday there were no urgent fires to put out today but alas I hope my coffee buzz hangs in there until Ryan returns at 2! The point for my impromptu post is that keeping a key outside is not just for getting back into the house, it can be for getting out of the house too!

I’ve never really given much thought to it before but we really need to get a spare car key out into our RocLok pronto. Had there been an emergency today or an appointment I needed to get off to, I would be completely hosed right now.

My car keys should be in there!

My car keys should be in there!


I’m sure it sounds funny to hear that the lady who makes a product to help keep people from being locked out, is now locked in. There is a certain irony there ;) But I guess it just proves that silly things like these happen to everyone from time to time and it doesn’t even have to be Friday the 13th!

The next question is, will the key for my 03′ Santa Fe even fit inside the rock? What about the keys to the truck and motorcycle? And, if they fit; will all the keys fit inside with our house key? Obviously I’ll have to wait for the key ring to make its way home to find out the answers but I’ll be sure to update you on what I find out.

Have you ever been stranded because someone had your car keys? Share your story with us, we’d love to hear it!


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