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After 5 years we've decided to start another business and have made the difficult decision to stop manufacturing the RocLok for the time being. If you are an existing customer, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may experience. We sincerely appreciate everyone's support over the years.

Please note: we retain all rights to the names, product design, and intellectual property relating to the RocLok Hide a Key and its accessories. If you are interested in licensing or purchasing rights to manufacture the RocLok we are open to the discussion. We can be reached anytime via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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St. Helens Key Safe


A key safe that is disguised as a natural landscaping rock, the RocLok St. Helens lock box stores more than six keys at one time. Constructed from a concrete material, the St. Helens is a durable fake rock with a realistic look, weight and feel. Hidden on the underside of the rock, a large key storage box guarded by a three digit set-your-own combination lock safeguards keys with 1,000 possible code possibilities. Unlike traditional lock boxes that can draw unwanted attention to hidden keys or fake rock hide a keys that offer no security, the RocLok key safe guards spare keys discreetly and securely keeping your family and home safe.

        • Weather and impact resistant concrete rock exterior ages naturally within its environment

        • Locking key storage box designed to displace water, keeping keys safe and dry

        • Tumbler style combination lock is rated for outdoor use

        • Personal code can be changed as needed for added security

        • No batteries or power required, a great backup to keyless entry systems

        • Ideal for school-aged children, in-home care, pet nanny's, home service providers, contractors,
          real estate professionals, rentals and frequent travelers

        • Made exclusively in the USA from over 90% domestic materials

        • Also available with LokDown ground anchoring system to prevent possible unapproved relocation of your key safe 

Not sure if the St. Helens is right for your landscape? Try our Style Guide and find out!


Width: 9 inches
Length: 7 inches
Height: 7 inches
Weight: 10 pounds / 6.4 ounces

Width: 2 inches
Length: 3 inches
Depth: 3/8th of an inch

Holds six large house keys at one time including those made by Baldwin, Emtek and Medeco



Do you love the RocLok key hider but fear it might walk away?
Introducing the LokDown System, the new way to anchor your RocLok lock box to the ground beneath it!


The LokDown System embeds a stainless steel cable 20" into the terrain, locking the RocLok lock box in place with a US made DUCKBILL® Earth Anchor*. Much like a toggle bolt works to secure fasteners to drywall, the Duckbill Earth Anchor is driven vertically into the soil and rotates horizontally against the undisturbed soil when tension is applied to the cable. The other end of the cable can be built into ANY** RocLok key hider you'd like. Once installed, 9 inches of cable tucks discreetly underneath the rock allowing you to easily access the locking key chamber beneath.

*The DUCKBILL® Earth Anchor is a product manufactured by Foresight Products, LLC. all logos and trademarks are the sole property of Foresight Products, LLC.
** Not Available on the Gila Model




Recieved my rock today. Very impressed. Much better than expected. Set the combo and put in flower bed. No one would ever know it wasn't real. I had it sitting in my office and my husband asked me why I had the big rock in the house. He picked it up and thought it was real. Very glad I bought it. Thanks



Frequently Asked Questions about the RocLok Key Safe

How weather resistant is the RocLok?

The exterior shell of the RocLok Lock Box is made of a polymer modified concrete blend. Special additives used in our concrete mix prevent moisture from getting through the hard outer shell of the rock. The additives also keep the shell of the RocLok from breaking apart during temperature changes.

Our key hiding chamber has been engineered to form an inverted cup shape when in the downward position. If you've ever tried to sink a drinking cup in a tub of water with the mouth down, you know that the air inside the hollow cup keeps it from filling with water. Our key chamber uses the same principal. The inverted chamber forms an air pocket around your keys keeping water out.
Watch it in Action


How well does the RocLok Age?

Just like a driveway changes with time, your RocLok lock box will adapt with its environment as years go by. Unlike plastic or resin key hiders whose coloring tends to fade with prolonged exposure to UV rays, the RocLok is tinted using a concrete stain that is rated for outdoor use. The color will not fade however UV rays can alter the original shade. Additionally, like a natural stone, the RocLok will collect dirt from its surroundings and can even grow moss if desired to enhance its camouflaging power throughout the years.


How many keys can a RocLok hold?

Every RocLok lock box has a large key hiding chamber that measuring 2" wide x 3" long x 3/8" deep. We have tested the capacity of the chamber with the largest door keys available on the market from Baldwin, Emtek and Medeco and were easily able to fit 6 different models at one time!

What would stop someone from walking away with my RocLok?

We now offer a way to safely anchor your RocLok lock box to the ground called the LokDown System. For an additional $20 we'll embed a 20" stainless steel cable into the RocLok style of your choice. At the end of the cable a DUCKBILL Earth Anchor will secure your rock to the ground just as a toggle bolt works in drywall. The anchor is driven into the ground 11 inches leaving 9 inches of cable that discreetly tucks underneath your rock.


How do I set the code on my RocLok?

Setting the personal code on your RocLok is an easy 4 step process. Code Instructions


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