LokDown Ground Anchoring System for the RocLok Key Safe

Do you love the RocLok key safe but fear it might walk away?

Introducing the LokDown System, the new way to anchor your RocLok key safe to the ground beneath it!

Diagram of the LokDown Ground Anchoring System

The LokDown System embeds a stainless steel cable 20" into the ground, locking the RocLok key safe in place with a US made DUCKBILL® Earth Anchor*. Much like a toggle bolt works to secure fasteners to drywall, the Duckbill Earth Anchor is driven vertically into the soil and rotates horizontally against the undisturbed soil when tension is applied to the cable. The other end of the cable can be built into any** RocLok key hider you'd like. Once installed, 9 inches of cable tucks discreetly underneath the rock allowing you to easily access the locking key chamber beneath.

*The DUCKBILL® Earth Anchor is a product manufactured by Foresight Products, LLC. all logos and trademarks are the sole property of Foresight Products, LLC.
** Not Available on the Gila Model