• 1. Hides in Plain Sight:

    Unlike traditional keysafes that attach to the house and can draw unwanted attention, the RocLok Lock Box hides discreetly in plain sight.

  • 2. A Key Safe

    A three digit combination lock allows for 1,000 code possibilities and can be changed as needed for added security.

Three Levels of Key Hiding Security: 

1. Hiding in Plain Sight:

Traditional push button and tumbler style lock boxes are designed to be mounted to the exterior of your home. Commonly found dangling from a door knob, railing or water spigot; this style key safe can be unattractive and invite unwanted attention to hidden keys. By hiding in plain sight, the RocLok key safe keeps prying eyes from knowing that a hidden key even exists serving as the first line of defense to keeping intruders from getting to your key.

2. A Safe for your Keys:

You wouldn't store your jewelry outside without it being guarded by a lock, so why keep the keys to your kingdom out where anybody could get to them? If you are hiding a key outside it should always be in a locking solution of some kind. All RocLok products safeguard several spare keys behind a three digit set-your-own combination lock. With 1,000 possible code options, the lock is rated for outdoor use and easily re-adjustable when in the unlocked position. 

3. Solid as a Rock: 

Unfortunately if a thief wants in, they will get in but that doesn't mean we shouldn't make it more difficult for them! Fake rock hide a keys have been the not-so secret, secret way to keep an extra key outside since the 1970's. They have long offered an inexpensive way to get the job done but unfortunately you get what you pay for. Often made of plastic or resin, these stone safes are not secure. A quick kick of passer by and your secret is out. With this in mind, we hand cast each and every RocLok lock box from a concrete blend fortified with additives that ensure our products freeze / thaw, impact and weather resistant. Because they are individually formed from natural stone each rock is unique. In time the rock with age naturally with its surroundings, collecting dirt and even growing moss it you desire.